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I sometimes like to photograph models. It's interesting - both more challenging and more flexible than other styles.

Ashley (spectators) Brianna (awesome) Michelle (dune) Carissa (Garden of the Gods) Miss Tiffany

Kristin (cpw) Katie (dune) Kristin (ts4) Michelle (vs 7) Christy M. (c3)

Carolien (m2b) Kathleen Linda (rff3) Charlene (wide glam) Courtney (beach fash 2)

Christy M. (c1) Silvia (red) Katie (park) Mackenzie (gb) Kristy Ann (ctu2)

Katie Linda (s2) Jaclyn (inlc2) Michelle (waterfall #3) Navah (beach1)

Michelle (cargo) Kathleen #2.5 Navah (red) Charlene (water) Navah (gbv1)

Michelle (mh 2) Christy Courtney (beach fash 4.5) Katie (dune #2) Carolien (c)

Jaclyn Olivia Ashley (br1.1) Michelle (racetrack yoga) Michelle (water 1)

Kristin (cpc2) Courtney (beach glam 4) Nikki (rear vignette 5 color) Linda (fn1) Michelle (mountain woman)