Filip Pizlo

I work on compilers and language runtime systems at Apple. Most of my work there involves the WebKit open source project.

In the past I've done academic research. My research interests include memory management (specifically, garbage collection), real-time systems, concurrency, programming languages and compilers.

Most of my major research has involved various Java virtual machines, including Jikes RVM, Ovm, and Fiji VM. I have variously been on the core team of all three. These days most of my work involves WebKit's excellent JavaScript engine, which is called JavaScriptCore. I mostly work on the optimizing just-in-time (JIT) compiler and its dynamic type inference engine, but I've also made contributions to the interpreter, object model, and garbage collector. I'm currently a WebKit reviewer. You can follow my work in almost real-time by looking at trac or by browsing the source. I also sometimes commit things to LLVM.

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